sexta-feira, 29 de novembro de 2013


I have a very mystic and spiritual approach to photography, which I can't explain, and I don't need to.
I like to keep things unrevealed, I like sometimes to lose myself into the indefinite. That often happens to me along the path of beauty, without ever truly understanding where to proceed, and the further I manage to see, the deeper the mystery becomes.

I like long exposures to allow the soul all the time it needs to rise to the surface, and to let chance have its way. Always, photographs surprise me; they never turn out quite the way I imagine they might. Every photograph enters the world as a sign of hope."

Paolo Roversi

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Majo disse...

O italiano tornou-se um "expert"
em fotografar sombrios e fúnebres rostos com uma caraterística comum: o exotismo e a peculiaridade. o protótipo da modelo ideal...

Mas as suas palavras podem ser úteis a amadores de fotografia como eu.

Com simpatia...